3D Modeling &

Taking a simple object and extend it into a shape that can be refined and detailed or recreating highly accurate 3D models from real world objects in terms of height, weight and depth is what CK Graphic 3D designers excel at. They can help you to realize all of your abstract thoughts into rotating and vibrant reality by displaying all possible modifications of the property models at your ease.

Apps Design &

More and more businesses gearing up in the mobile application industry. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to tap yourself into the fast-growing and emerging market unless you want to keep yourself out of the trend and become an obsolete. Keeping a constant vigil on the latest technology in our fast-paced world, the CK Graphic app designers’ abilities encompass mobile application development to make the lives of all smartphone-o-philes easier.


Viewing a blueprint of building in 2D or even in 3D model is no longer meet the insatiable demand of today's tech-savvy consumers. With the brand-new technology- 360° interactive panoramas, you can now enjoy the lifelike property-visiting experience with the full 360° field-of-view of the building virtually. Having the incredibly best creative minds in the industry, CK Graphic promises to provide the best and the most amazing virtual tours to all of our esteemed clients.


Utilizing the latest computer technology to create the 3D visual effects featured in video is what our CK Graphic animation designers exceptionally good at. They excel in turning all the property images and graphics to look more visually appealing and lively in order to stimulate one’s sensation and engrave it on mind.